Get Faster in Maya Part 2.0

In this follow-up tutorial video of the popular tutorial "Get Faster in Maya" I cover 47 Tips and Tricks in Maya 2017 in about 50 minutes. This fast-paced, information-packed video I cover topics from Settings, Controls, Modeling Workflow, Deformers, Pivot controls and much, much more.

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Fully Narrated Video Tutorial
Over 50 minutes of info-packed tutorial video
47 Tips and Tricks
Modeling Tips & Tricks
Hotkey suggestions
Customization tips
Learn how to easily and cleanly UV map pipes and cables
Learn how to increase your SubD preview tessellation
How to more easily control your transformations
...and much more.
Included with the tutorial is a PDF with a list of the topics covered, complete with timestamps for easy navigation in the video.

This video is aimed mainly towards beginners and intermediate users who want to speed up their workflow in Maya.

Wiktor ohman faster2 artstation

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